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2022: Anglia Ruskin University: Research Development Support Grant awarded to me as PI, £10,000

2022: Anglia Ruskin University: QR Funding awarded to me as PI, £5,000

2021: University of Cambridge: Career Support Fund awarded to me as PI, £5,000

2021: Global Challenge Research Fund: India-Oxford Initiative Collaboration Building Grant awarded to Dr Nishant Kumar, titled "Street-smartness in people and stray dogs", £5,000. I am a named co-applicant

2021: Cambridge University: co-applicant with Prof Clayton in securing funds to support lab avian research facility, £50,000

2021: Isaac Newton Trust: 50% matched funding awarded to me for Early Career Leverhulme Fellowship, £50,000. Reached final round from 700+ applicants for Leverhulme Fellowship

2019: Isaac Newton Trust: 50% matched funding awarded to me for Early Career Leverhulme Fellowship, £75,000. Shortlisted from 700 applicants for Leverhulme Fellowship

2018: European Research Council Advanced Grant: I led in securing 12-month project extension supporting myself and 5 other members of staff at University of Cambridge, €600,000


2015-2021: European Research Council Advanced Grant awarded to Prof. Nicola Clayton, titled: "Tool-use as a tool for understanding causal cognition in humans and corvids", €2,164,833. Funded my Postdoc positions at Cambridge University, I took a lead role in managing this grant including 4 financial reports

2015: Austrian Ministry of Science, Research and Economy: Marietta Blau Grant, €15,000 – awarded to me but not taken up as accepted Cambridge University Postdoctoral post


2015: University of Vienna: Dissertation Completion Fellowship, €6,000 – awarded to me but not taken up as accepted Cambridge University Postdoctoral post


2012-2015: Vienna Science and Technology Fund awarded to Prof. Thomas Bugnyar & Dr. Christine Schwab, titled "Modelling social transmission: how relationships, group size and group structure influence social learning in wild and captive corvids". Funded my PhD at Vienna University

2011: Royal Zoological Society of Scotland: as Avian Research Coordinator, I obtained the funding and support from RZSS to facilitate the creation of an Avian Cognition Centre (no longer extant) at Edinburgh Zoo, in collaboration with St Andrews University, including sourcing and training suitable birds for a subject group (captive azure-winged magpies) and ringing wild carrion crows after obtaining a British Trust of Ornithology ringing permit to create of a wild crow field site within the Zoo


Selected Conferences and Courses

2022: Invited Keynote Presentation: “Birds as Individuals” Conference, British Ornithologists’ Union and IBIS Journal

2022: Invited contributions to 3 sessions inc Co-lead on a “Hackathon” session, Big-Team Science Conference (virtual), organised by ManyBabies, ManyPrimates and Psychological Science Accelerator, Oct 2022

2022: Virtual Talk: Animal Welfare Group Nigeria Seminar, Africa

2022: Talk (Recorded as Virtual Attendance): International Society for Behavioural Ecology, Sweden

2022: Invited Attendance: Interspecies Comparisons of Welfare, Rethink Priorities and London School of Economics, UK

2022: Invited Talks: Biology Seminar Series and Employability Seminar, Anglia Ruskin University, UK

2021: Workshop: Cognition, Welfare and the Problem of Interspecies Comparisons, Rethink Priorities (online)

2021: Invited Talk: Conservation Behaviour Teaching Outline, Anglia Ruskin University, UK

2021: Courses: Research Integrity, Safeguarding, Anglia Ruskin University, UK

2021: Talk: Department of Psychology Researchers Symposium, University of Cambridge, UK

2021: Attendance: Virtual Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour and Animal Behaviour Society Twitter Conference, UK

2020: Attendance: Virtual Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour Conference, UK


2020: Courses: Teaching and Communicating with Impact; Fire Safety Training, Cambridge University, UK

2019: Courses: Recruitment Essentials (Understanding Unconscious Bias, Diversity and Equality); Safeguarding children; Data Protection, Cambridge University, UK

2018: Talk: British Psychological Society Developmental Psychology Section Annual Conference, Liverpool UK (Presented by co-supervised PhD student Ning Ding)

2018: Poster: European Conference on Behavioural Biology, Liverpool, UK


2017: Poster: International Ethological Conference, Estolil, Portugal

2017: Course: First aid course, British Red Cross, UK

2015: Course: Home Office Personal License, Cambridge University, UK


2015: Poster: Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour, London, UK

2015: Poster: International Wildlife Management Congress, Sapporo, Japan


2014: Talk: European Conference on Behavioural Biology, Prague, Czech Republic


2014: Talk: International Society for Behavioural Ecology Conference, New York USA


2014: Talk: Evolutionary Significance of Consistent Behavioural Variation Conference, Debrecen, Hungary


2013: Poster: International Ethological Conference, Newcastle, UK


2013: Talk: Comparative Cognition Workshop, Edinburgh, UK

2013: Course: Animal Welfare and Practical Training Workshop, Vienna, Austria

2012: Poster: Corvid symposium, Lund, Sweden

2010: Course: Training and award of restricted C permit for ringing crows, British Trust of Ornithology

Other Activites

Ad hoc Reviewer: including Cognition, Behavioral Ecology & Sociobiology, Biology Letters, Learning & Behaviour, Animal Cognition, American Journal of Primatology, Behavioural Processes, Peer J, Frontiers in Zoology, Ethology, Wilson Journal of Ornithology, Behavior, European Journal of Wildlife Research, Journal of Veterinary Behavior, Animal Cognition and Behavior

Academic Editor: PLoS ONE (from 2022), Special Issue in Learning & Behaviour (2024)

Guest Editor: Frontiers in Psychology Special Issue (2022)

Memberships: Association of Animal Behaviour, Royal Society for Protection of Birds, International Society for Behavioural Ecology

Other Activities: Waddesdon Support Group Volunteer (COVID-19 pandemic national lockdown 1, UK, 2020)

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